Share or view webcams

Want to have a face-to-face conversation over the Internet? You can easily share or view webcams in Yahoo Messenger by following the steps below.

Starting a webcam conversation

  1. Click Messenger | My Webcam.

    My Webcam command
  2. Click Actions | More Actions | Invite to View My Webcam.

    Invite to View My Webcam command
  3. Select a friend from "My Contacts" or click Other Contact and type the Yahoo ID of someone not in your Contact List.
  • Your friend will receive an invitation message on their computer to accept or decline your invitation.
  • When your friend accepts, a conversation window appears on your screen.
  • Want to view your contact's webcam? Just select View Webcam in "More Actions."

    Invite to View My Webcam window
  1. Type your message in the text area at the bottom of the Conversation window.
  2. Click Conversation | Close when you are finished.

  Want to improve your experience? You can use video calling, a new webcam technology available with Yahoo Messenger 10 and later versions. Video calling offers more features and better quality for your webcam experience.

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