"Chatting" in Yahoo Answers

Was your answer removed due to a "chatting" violation? Learn what it means, and how you can avoid this type of violation in the future.

People Sharing Knowledge

The Yahoo Answers community is all about people sharing knowledge. With this mantra in mind we ask that you follow the Question and Answer format when participating in Answers, and refrain from "chatting" with another member or making comments about gaming the system for points.

Here's some examples:

  • How (are you, old are you, was your day, is everyone today)?
  • What are you/What am I (doing, thinking of, wearing)?
  • Guess my/Can you guess my/What's your (name, age, sex, weight, birthday, location)?
  • Who is from…/Who plays …here/Who wants to chat?
  • Do you like my (profile image, web site, poem)?
  • Points to the first person who answers my question.
  • Where has user (nickname) gone?

Check out our Community Guidelines page for more detailed info on our policies.