Error: Account temporarily blocked from sending messages

This error, which may also appear as "Suspicious Activity," can interrupt your ability to send email. Learn why it happens, how to fix it, and how to prevent it in the future.

What causes the error?

Suspicious activity detected in your account

This can happen if you've sent a lot of messages in a short period of time or you've sent one message to a large number of contacts and can result in your Yahoo Mail account temporarily being blocked from sending emails. You'll still be able to access your account and receive incoming emails during this time.

If your sending habits don't follow the examples above, it's possible your account was hacked. Learn what settings to check, and how to correct them, in our help article about securing a hacked account.

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Email stuck in outbox of Yahoo Mail app for Android

This is rare, but does happen. Stuck emails will continue trying to send from the app, causing the error. Try deleting all messages in your app's Sent folder, then sending another email, to fix it.

Fixing the problem

Signing out of, then back in to Yahoo Mail, should clear the error.

Asked for a CAPTCHA code? Enter the code, then learn why you're asked to provide it in our "About CAPTCHA word verification" help article.

What if the problem continues?

This error is usually temporary and corrects itself after a few hours. Once a few hours have passed, try sending a plain text email (without hyperlinks and attachments) to one recipient

Preventing the error in the future

Avoid the error by spacing out the number of emails you send over time and by sending emails to fewer contacts at once.

If you regularly send email to the same large group, try using Yahoo Groups as an alternative.

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