Sync Apple Notes with Yahoo Mail

You can back up your Apple Notes with Yahoo Mail. All you need to do is sync your device with your Yahoo Mail account.

Sync your Apple Notes

  1. Add Yahoo Mail to your device.
  2. During the setup process, leave "Notes" enabled.

How the sync works

  • After you sync at least 1 note, a new folder called "Notes" is created in Yahoo Mail.
  • The notes are not editable from Yahoo Mail.
  • From the Notes app, tap Accounts in the top-left to switch between synced accounts.

Results of syncing iOS "Notes" app with you Yahoo Account

  • A "Notes" folder is created in your Yahoo Mail account, not your Yahoo Notepad.
    - Notes you create in the iOS "Notes" app under your Yahoo account will always appear in this folder.
  • This is a one-way sync from your iOS device to Yahoo.
    - If you add notes to the "Notes" folder in Yahoo Mail, you won't see them in your iOS device's Notes app.